Honda BF2.3 being used by a family in a boat on a lake
Honda BF2.3 being used by a family in a boat on a lake



Easy to carry, easy to start, you just twist the throttle and away you go. The BF2.3 might be our smallest outboard 4-stroke engine, but it’s big on features, has a high reputation for reliability and huge fun.

Lightweight and well-balanced, with an ergonomic carry handle, the compact BF2.3 can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.


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It’s quick and easy

Hitch up the boat trailer, load the Honda BF2.3 into the boot and go.

Duurzame ontwerpen

Maak kennis met onze nieuwste generatie compacte buitenboordmotoren.

BF2.3 2,3 pk - 4-taktmotor | 1 cilinder – 57 cc | kort of lang staartstuk | vanaf 13,5 kg

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The portable, efficient engine

Not only does the BF2.3 pack enough punch to push a boat out to sea, it's light enough to be carried back to the car! Thanks to the ergonomic carry handle fitted to each engine, the BF2.3 can be taken virtually anywhere. Of course, this unit boasts all the benefits of Honda's advanced 4-stroke technology, which is second to none. You will be surprised by its ability to power your inflatable dinghy or barque with ease.

Family on a lake in a Honda BF2.3.

Small but muscular

A single cylinder 4-stroke that spins freely with the first pull, making it easier to start.

Close up of BF2.3 engine.

Comfort & manoeuvrability

at the top level the BF2.3 benefits from the latest technology that accurately controls ignition timing, which ensures easy start even in the coldest conditions. The outboard comes with a centrifugal clutch that maintains a smooth idle and when advanced, automatically engages the propeller above idle speed. It's like having a neutral position, and it's very useful.

The engine provides excellent manoeuvrability in tight areas. There's more reverse thrust, meaning you can get to where you want to go, faster.

Boat with BF2.3 engine, coastal location.
Illustration of BF2.3 engine, close up.

The Honda 4-stroke engine starts well every time, even from cold.

Clear thinking

Believe in what you do.

The Honda way

Soichiro Honda had a simple idea to make outboard engines cleaner, quieter and friendlier towards aquatic life – he made them 4-stroke. It was a solution that made Honda pioneers in marine engine technology, but more importantly it made us more responsible towards this fragile environmental resource.

4-stroke pioneers

The leader in 4-stroke engine technology for 50 years.

Two Honda Marine engines on white background
A couple smiling, in a boat on a lake.

Pick the right one for your boat

Here are the engine choices available to you.

3/4 view of the Honda BF 2.3 Outboard engine BF2.3 2.3hp - 4 stroke engine | 1 cylinder – 57cm³ | S or L shaft | from 13,5 kg

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